New South Wales. There are four distinct seasons across Australia, and there is a wet and dry season in the tropical north of Western Australia, Northern Territory, and. Since then I've travelled to over 45 countries - a lot of the time, solo. Top Places to Visit on a Solo Travel Australia. Backpacking Australia is really popular especially along the … Discover the heritage of Australia’s first ancestors and get in touch with nature in a real desert setting. Head over to Western Australia if you find the opportunity and really spend some time here. Travelling alone in Australia need not be scary. I’m not usually a ‘tour person’ but I booked some fantastic tours and I quickly became good friends with the people in my tour groups. Feel free to follow me on Instagram and discover my other photographs. @travelsofgeraldine. Hi Cheyenne, there will be lots of young people, yes. I booked tours on each trip - one to do the Seven Sisters coastline in Melbourne and one to wineries in Melbourne - i was 'adopted' as the strange US cousin by a family. It is twice the size of Europe and has a population of only 24 million people, but more than 50 million kangaroos, 75 million sheep, cattle stations the size of Belgium and national parks that are as big as half of Switzerland. Alice Springs is a destination that many might disregard for a solo female traveller, but the number of trips and tours that will take you to experience the uniquely Australian region is a must-do! My first recommendation for getting around cities would be to use as much public transport as possible. I was lucky enough to make a friend who also wanted to drive the Great Ocean Road, so we rented a vehicle in Melbourne and off we went. up the East Coast or down south to Melbourne, in order to split costs. Australie - Voyage linguistique en solo Ouvert par steph-travel, le 05/08/2019 à 11:25. @inmytravelecobackpack. Australia has such a unique rainforest landscape including the Daintree, home to thousands of mammals and reptiles and of course, our native kangaroos, wombats, and koalas. , as the rules differ between states and territories. Hey! Solo Voyager In Australia. Being a solo traveler, my itinerary can be super fluid so I’m pumped to see what happens. At first it was a little bit daunting and the thought crossed my mind; “What if I don’t meet anyone?” but as soon as I landed I realised my fears were completely unfounded.  Everyone doing the Oz Experience is traveling on their own time scale- some fast, and others a bit slower. Get to know the native animals of Australia and meet incredible people along the way. I am planning a trip to NZ and East Coast Australia but I am 41 and wondering by so many pictures of young travelers……am I going to feel old or is there a lot of different ages staying in the hostels and tours ect? HI, Can you send me a link to the OZ Experience Pass….I cannot seem to find a link on their website. Go scuba diving along the Ningaloo Reef and enjoy the stunning beaches of Australia’s West Coast. My first ever solo backpacking experience was to Australia. I was a bit scared to go all by myself at first but when I read this I felt more confident and acually convinced that I can do this. But you don’t need to be fearless to solo travel Australia. Now that Oz Experience has joined up with Greyhound do you think the activities included for the price are worthwhile or do you think I am better booking these alone? Back in 2008 I graduated from university, packed my degree into my suitcase and decided to be my own boss. A vital activity for any solo traveller is to go on at least one tour — it’s fun and a great way of meeting like-minded people who are likely to also be staying in Melbourne. I booked a Whitsunday Islands sailing trip, but unfortunately there was a cyclone and we had to sail back after just one night. Types of Girl about the Globe (GatGs) – Beach GatG, Nature GatG, Ocean GatG, Party GatG, Train Journey GatG, Wildlife GatG Australia is an amazing destination to visit. There are plenty of fun activities in Brisbane to enjoy. Australia is known for its travelling culture so wherever you choose to start travelling you’re guaranteed to meet others en route. The alternative is the Greyhound bus, which is a bus service that will take you between the main cities. Their seventh full-length studio album, Colours in the Sun, was released worldwide on 1 November 2019 on the French American metal record label Season of Mist. Please and thank you. IG : timmy2ba. From there I flew to Melbourne for the Grand Prix, then I continued my adventures in New Zealand. It many sounds scaring to some but the truth is that it’s easier than what you think. And you can’t come to Australia without taking a surfing lesson. An extremely laid back, “hippy” culture in a beautiful part of the country. I can give you my email address if that helps. No Australia Trip is complete without a road trip. So you can choose where to spend or save. This reef stretches along the coast of Queensland and is accessible from many touch points, including Cairns, however, one of the most miraculous lodging experience involves staying on one of the islands of the GBR like Green Island or Heron Island. Australia is extraordinarily welcoming to backpackers, and has a huge solo traveler presence, especially along the East Coast and around the Melbourne and Sydney city districts. See the article in its original context from April 2, 1952, Section SPORTS, Page 47 Buy Reprints. Copyright 2016 Pommie Travels | All rights reserved. It’s an amazing place and you’ll make so many memories. I’ve read about the Oz experience before but I’m a bit confused over wich route to choose. Australia is a fantastic destination for solo female travel! Down Under is a remote country that I highly recommend to the adventurous solo traveller. Sydney: Considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world, it definitely should top your bucket list of must visit places when on a solo trip to Australia.Enjoy the most scenic walk across the Harbour Bridge. Do’s and don’ts when travelling to Australia, Great Destinations Around the World for Fishing Enthusiasts, Top 10 Reasons to Visit Australia This Spring, 5 Worthy Spring Events & Places to Visit in Adelaide. Here is my ultimate guide to solo travel: Australia. I became good friends with a girl on the Oz Experience bus, (who was also traveling solo) and we were pretty inseparable for the next few weeks. Alyssa Ramos says: February 16, 2018 at 11:12 pm That’s so awesome! If you see a sign saying “recycled water” or “grey water” however, do not drink from these taps, they are used primarily for irrigation and contain waste. Je vais partir d'ici quelques mois en Australie en solo, je vais être pour environ 4 mois dans une famille et en cours pour apprendre les bases de l'anglais et pouvoir me débrouiller par la suite,.. 2. much needed motivation for me as I am getting ready to travel for the month of may. Alors voila j’atterris a Perth le 16 janviers, et j’aurais besoin de petit conseil pou l’itinéraire. I haven’t been to Australia yet, so this guest post on Sydney solo travel tips from Tom Grond of Travel Tomtom is very much appreciated! 2. Which one did you pick? 🙂, I’m planing on traveling alone east coast australia in november. So if you intend on doing so, be sure to spend your last planned moments in hostels, where you can meet people with whom you can travel with and make great friends, and to have as a contact, in the unlikely event that you may be caught in an uncomfortable or unsafe situation. Partir seule en Australie pendant un an ou deux Awesome that you utilize that time off to travel! The idea of travelling alone is terrifying me but I have to do it, and reading this has actually got me feeling a lot more relaxed about the whole thing. If you’re looking for a buddy to do a road trip with, look on the noticeboards in the hostels. Direction l'Australie! Posted by quickwhittravel October 8, 2018 June 17, 2020 Posted in Solo Travel Destinations, Sydney Tags: australia, solofemaletravel, solotravel, sydney, Travel Updated June 17, 2020. Did you book hostels in advance or when you arrived to the place? Do your research about the activities you would like to do, but don’t have too many fixed plans in place, because the likelihood is you’ll meet people along the way and you might want to change your itinerary. Plus précisément Melbourne En recherche d'aventures, et de nouvelles experiences, j'ai décidé à 18 ans, de partir en Australie, pour une nouvelle vie! A backpacking trip down under is a rite of passage for many 20-somethings worldwide. Of course, when on solo tour around Australia, you must visit one of the seven wonders of the World… The Great Barrier Reef (GBR). to confirm that you are applying for the correct visa. Yes, there is nothing really like exploring the Land Down Under by driving yourself. When are you travelling down there? It’s not boring at all, on the contrary is very invigorating and challenging too. Due to the vast nature of the continent, Australia is easy to get around, as there are flights, trains, buses and trams servicing all of Australia… The only catch, it can be quite expensive by yourself. I totally agree with Clo! Hope you have a great time! My favourite tour was a 4×4 excursion to Fraser Island because we spent several nights camping under the stars, driving on the beaches and cooking meals together. I loved Australia solo - i have been twice, Sydney and then Melbourne. Instagram. This is why the planning stages of a solo trip around Australia are so integral. Many people keep Australia as a “someday” destination, wanting to … Australia has some of the most mesmerizing landscapes to explore, from arid red deserts and sweeping sand hills to rolling waves and incredible beach culture to lush green rainforests, taking a step back into the time of Gondwana. Australia is probably the #1 country that people tell me they want to visit. I went backpacking my myself as well and it was the best experience ever! I’d really like your thoughts on this as it is quite expensive for the Cruiser pass in comparison to the amount needed to travel up the east coast so just want to make sure I have value for money. In larger towns and cities, restaurant and bar work is often available. The best part about traveling alone is that you only need to budget for yourself. I now call London home, although I still travel whenever I can. If you decide to do said trip solo, don’t fret — Australia is a fantastic country to explore alone. I chose the Oz Experience bus and I would recommend it to anyone traveling alone. Thanks for the tips! I hope I have the same awesome experiences you clearly had. Submit your description here, along with a few photos, and share it with fellow travelers! Australia has some of the most mesmerizing landscapes to explore, from arid red deserts and sweeping sand hills to rolling waves and incredible beach culture to lush green rainforests, taking a step back into the time of Gondwana. I’m thinking of joining the oz experience. Or travel up to Surfers Paradise for a real party scene. After graduating from university I decided there was more to life than the hours between 9 and 5, so I packed my journalism degree into my suitcase to travel the world and find a way to make money at the same time. View on timesmachine. ATMs and telephone booths are all over. Both times i went in late aug/early september, it was less expensive as it is just moving into their spring. Be flexible. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window). I had an incredible time traveling alone in Australia, and there definitely isn’t anything to be worried about! But I wouldn’t worry about it, if you are social person and you take tours, I’m sure you will make friends. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Gloholiday is a platform where you can find complete resources for traveling all over the world. Here are the top few places that are best suited to solo travel and capture the Australian essence. My favourite hostels in Australia included  Surfside Bondi Beach, Holiday Village Byron Bay, Cool Bananas Town of 1770, Habitat HQ St. Kilda, Base Magnetic Island and Global Backpackers Airlie Beach. Solo Travel in Australia. Do you have a solo travel destination that you would like to recommend? Also make sure you have the right Visa for your trip. With an extremely loud and proud culture, Byron Bay is always up for a good time. Harbour Bridge in Sydney (Photo by Walkerssk ) On my trip around the world in 2009, I was stranded in Australia for the first time and loved the Aussie lifestyle. Thanks! You will never be without money or communication. C'est parti! Just looking for suggestions. The noticeboards will often have info about vehicles for sale (if you’re staying a while) and messages from people looking to do a road trip. Otherwise, hostels, in general, are a great starting place to plan a holiday within Australia, as they often offer discounted prices for large tour groups. For a first-timer to traveling alone, Australia is an ideal location because it’s an English-speaking country, it’s set up for backpackers and it’s easy to make friends. Australia is where lots of people go when they’re just out of school or in their 20s. If you are dreaming of white sandy beaches, bikinis, and swimming with the sharks, then all of that can be a possibility for you. You will need an Australian tourist visa of some sort depending on where you are coming from, how long you are staying, and what you plan on doing here. Not once on my trip was I ever alone. If you’re travelling around the country, you might want to find work along the way. Hostels are great places to meet other backpackers, and most organise social activities – often for free – including barbecues and pub crawls. From its pristine beaches, beautiful wildlife, history and culture, and fantastic food and nightlife, Australia really does have it all. Solo Travel is an amazing way of exploring the world and every trip you undertake on your own is a free journey within yourself, this is a huge benefit. That is all. Here are the top few places that are best suited to solo travel and capture the Australian essence. Other memorable tours I’ve taken part in included a 3-day tour to Uluru and Kings Canyon, a tour of Kangaroo Island and a tour to the Flinders Ranges in South Australia. 🙂, Really cool article! Découvrir l'Australie en solo. It is recommended to spend a decent amount of time in Sydney – maybe a week or more – as there are so many pockets of culture in such a tight-knit setting. If you’ve come to Australia on a Work and Holiday Visa (Subclass 462) or Working Holiday visa (Subclass 417), you’re permitted to stay and work in all types of full-time, part-time, casual, shift and voluntary work. One of the best things about Australia for solo travelers, is its prominent traveling culture, the laid-back nature of the locals and the endless stunning landscapes on offer. There are so many unique places that match any solo travel style. Just make sure you use a reputable one. Now, where should you go when traveling solo in Australia? Make sure to venture your way north through to Cairns – where the rainforest meets the sea. Next stop is Australia’s favorite relaxed coastal destination, Byron Bay. Hi I'm Victoria, a British girl from Manchester. Also bring a power bank or powerboard, as this will make a world of difference to you as you charge your devices. I think ultimately it is all about your own attitude 🙂. It is recommended to spend a decent amount of time in Sydney – mayb… Voyage en Australie. Request a local expert to create your perfect trip. Voyager is a progressive metal band from Perth, Western Australia.The band has released seven full-length albums, five singles, and fourteen video clips and has been active since 1999. The East Coast of Australia has a notorious party scene starting from Sydney and heading north to Queensland. Jeanette is from the United Kingdom, and submitted the following report about her solo Australia road trip. I’m in somewhat of a siniliar situation – have you started your travels ? Australie - Voyage linguistique en solo Ouvert par steph-travel - Dernier message le 09/04/2020 à 14:53. Whilst planning is highly recommended, it is understandable that there is a thrill from leaving a part of your trip abroad unplanned. It really is a great country for solo travel, as long as you’re sensible (but that applies to every country). Another option is a homestay, which provide the opportunity to meet locals and stay in a family environment. I spent a total of 6 weeks traveling up the east coast from Sydney to Cairns, then flew to Alice Springs for a 3-day Uluru Tour. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. If a budget is not a problem for you, however, the world (or Australia) is your oyster! Australia is a great destination to travel solo and for road trips too. I am travelling alone! >>>>> 5 mois entre l’Australie et l’Asie du sud-est comme premier voyage solo <<<<< Follow me on Social Medias . The drinking water is safe to drink in almost all destinations. Bartering or bargaining is not practiced in Australia, and there is a lack of market/ bazaar style shopping. Solo Visit in Australia is so easy that we’ve given it a 5 out of 5 star rating. The New York Times Archives. There are so many magical experiences which you can enjoy from staying in luxurious farm stays, and boathouses to adventurous touring. Whether you are planning a 3-week solo trip, a couple of months travelling or even a whole year on a Working Holiday Visa, Australia is a world class location to do all three in.I don’t even know where to start luring you in with adventures I’ve been on here; I’ve had so many incredible ones. Here you will wake up to sea turtles and spend the day relaxing in the resort or exploring the island’s local wildlife and marine life. Be sure to check in with the, Remember electrical plugs are different in Australia, be sure to bring an adapter, Australia is perfect to visit all year round, depending on what you are after, sun and snow are both at your disposal. It’s a flexible, safe way to travel around Australia, and the drivers will help you book extra tours and excursions too. I’m English,in Perth house/dog sitting for a bit, and then getting to Cairns on 24th March and heading down the coast until 20th April, so could be fun to link along the way 🙂. Here's why Australia is the perfect solo travel destination, even for female solo travellers. Then head on down south to the Margaret River wine region of Australia and sample some of the country’s finest drops. If you’re from the UK and traveling as a tourist for less than 3 months you can apply for the eVisitor visa online, or you might want to spend a year in the Land Down Under by applying for a Working Holiday Visa. What package did you choose? Not sure whether to maybe go for the medium option on Oz Experience and book a few activities separately. Discover the city and all it... Family get-togethers are a great chance to catch up with your loved ones, have quality bonding... Victoria, Australia is a great state to visit as there’s so much to see and do... Every year, thousands of people visit Australia. This week's travel diary: A 29-year-old waitress shares a week in her year-long solo trip to Brisbane, Australia on a holiday work visa. You can also take a walk around Circular Quay while admiring the Opera House. Where to stay. If you want to meet other people in Australia, hostels are a great place to do that as they have common areas where you can swap stories over a few beers. Hello, I'm Victoria. Basically you choose a route and purchase a bus pass before you go, and it works like a hop-on-hop-off tour. 🙂. Je pars dans une semaine en australie, mon premier voyage tous seul, je me réjouis vraiment beaucoup, pas que l’Australie m’attire particuliérement, mais j’ai trouvé que pour mon premier voyage en solo se sera parfait. Head to Bondi for the touristy high life, or venture further down south through Maroubra and Cronulla and enjoy the prominent surf and beach culture. Australian cities have well planned out public transport systems that connect suburbs and the city together. Solo travel in Australia – Getting around. Really cool article! Are you ready to take the solo travel leap? It comes with a cost though. Australia is one of those places that everyone needs to visit once in their lifetime. I’m so excited but due to work can only stay there a week going to Sydney how much would I be able to do in a weeks time in Australia? Establishments choose a price and fix it. Like most countries that start to drift away from the equator, Australia has a distinct summer and winter. Don’t be nervous or apprehensive; here are my top tips for how to travel Australia alone: First of all, make sure you purchase adequate insurance to cover you for things like emergency medical expenses and lost or stolen items. Alternatively I would recommend you check out the Gumtree website and the Rideshare and Travel Partners section! If you are after the Red Centre experience, be sure to hire a car or go on a tour through the Kimberley’s, all the way down to Uluru. Thank you for the inspiration! Although Australia is not famous for their snowfields, you will be able to find snow for 5 months of the year between May and September. Solo Travel Rating: 1 (1 is easiest, 3 is most difficult. Here’s everything you need to know before you go, including what to pack, safety tips and best destinations. Fund your travels. Because I was born in New Zealand and have family in Australia I’ve been travelling through and around Australia solo for years. How to Plan a Solo Trip To Australia With amazing natural attractions, gorgeous beaches and bays and prehistoric landscapes, Australia captures the imagination of many travelers. The bus drivers are fantastic at getting everyone to socialise by playing games on the bus, and we often broke the long journeys up with cool activities such as barefoot lawn bowls. This is just a point to point service and personally I think the Oz Experience seems a lot more fun for a solo traveller. I’ve recently found myself with no option but to travel alone down the East Coast after splitting up with my boyfriend of 7 years, and being too proud to admit defeat and go home. If you plan on traveling Australia alone, never fear, as you will always find a company from all over the world, make incredible friends, and create memories to last a lifetime along the way. This helped me a lot. I hope to inspire you to be your own boss, live life and see the world. In Australia tipping is not expected, so don’t stress about factoring in that extra 10-20%, the price on the menu is all! Of your age group there were usually one or two in the hostels. Including engaging content on holiday destinations, festivals, public holidays, hotel booking, flight information and travel guides and tips. to see if you are eligible to hire a car with your overseas. I much rather prefer airbnb over hostels, they are much cheaper, although you wont meet as much people. When I touched down in Sydney, I met lots of people in my hostel in Bondi Beach and I still talk to some of them to this day. Again try and find yourself a group of friends you have made from your travels for larger trips e.g. are opposite to the Northern Hemisphere. The YHA, which offers accommodation in everything from former prisons to historic mansions, is a good place to start. or buy one over here for around $15AUD. Thank you for a good blogg post 🙂. I love Australia and if it were easy and cheap to fly halfway around the world, I would go all the time! Sydney was one of my very first solo trips, so I know you’ll definitely love it. / CC0. Hi Clo, glad you found some inspiration in the article! With its pristine beaches and natural wonders, you can... Today, traveling is more available than ever, to the delight of many adventure-seekers who cannot wait... gloHoliday | Where are you going to travel this year? You can also apply for an Australia visa through a private visa bureau that takes most of the work out of your hands for a slightly higher fee. Travelling Solo can be scary at times, but it is a truly unmissable experience, and what better place to go than down under… And remember, wherever you go in Australia, you will always find friends. The East Coast of Australia has a notorious party scene starting from Sydneyand heading north to Queensland. The best trips for solo travelers in Australia, created by a local travel agency. I went backpacking by myself as well and it was the best experience ever! I’m heading to Australia by myself in February 2019!! Going to Australia for some is a once in a lifetime experience because of the distance to travel there.