Si le Grand Smog de 1952 a tué 4 000 personnes en à peine quatre jours à Londres, la pollution de l’air a frappé d’autres villes, comme New York en 1953, où elle aurait fait plus de 200 morts. Bad pollution killed thousands in London in 1952 Answers. Clear skies dawned over London on December 5, 1952. A period of unusually cold weather combined with an anticyclone and windless conditions, collected airborne pollutants—mostly arising from the use of coal—to form a thick layer of smog over the city. It was time for a change. Air pollution in that event was extreme. Legislation that followed the great smog of 1952 included the City of London (Various Powers) Act of … Le 5 décembre 1952, un épais brouillard recouvre la ville de Londres. La relève de la garde ne voit plus le Palais. Taking Action . Les images sont parfois impossible à distinguer. Posted by ergin on 6 September 2017, 4:24 pm. Jusque là, rien d'extraordinaire : Londres et le brouillard, ça va de pair. Pendant cinq jours, le soleil ne se lève plus. The Great Smog Begins. Pollution, which many had thought was just a part of city life, had killed 12,000 people. The fog was so thick the game was eventually stopped. The London Smog event of 1952 is widely regarded as a major event in the history of air pollution, with implications for subsequent public health research and air quality rules. Welcome to our site for Bad pollution killed thousands in London in 1952 Answers. Il piège toutes les fumées noires produites par la capitale industrielle. Un groupe de scientifiques britanniques a réussi à éclairer notre lanterne sur le mystère du Grand Smog de Londres de 1952 qui avait tué plus de 12 000 personnes. Are you looking for never-ending fun in this exciting logic-brain app? Aujourd’hui, plusieurs grandes cités d’Amérique latine et d’Asie du Sud-Est sont touchées. The Great Smog of London, or Great Smog of 1952, was a severe air pollution event that affected the British capital in early December 1952. The black smoke had caused the most damage. Le ciel s'est abattu sur Londres, le 4 décembre 1952, et un anticyclone sans aucun vent s'est installé au-dessus de la ville. The Big Smoke developed in London on Dec. 5, 1952, triggered by a period of cold weather collecting airborne pollutants, mainly from the coal fires that were used to heat homes at the time… CodyCross is an addictive game developed by Fanatee. The death toll of the Great Smog of 1952 was shocking. The most notorious incident — the “Great Smog” — occurred in December 1952.