Then you should check out MyAnimeList! Nothing wrong with watching the anime first because I did that and fell in love with Fuuka Akitsuki. The director of the show is Keizô Kusakawa, a Japanese author. The new season of the Japanese anime director Kusakava Keizo, on a musical theme, created in 2017. Her name Koyuki Hinaschi. Regarder Fuuka en streaming HD gratuit sans illimité VF et Vostfr. Opening Opening OAV Haru Opening saison 2 Ending 1 Ending 2 Ending OAV Haru Ending 1 saison 2 Ending 2 saison 2. La série animée (12 épisodes) débute le 06 Janvier 2017, au Japon.. Genre : Shonen, Tranche de vie/Musique, Romance/Comédie Synopsis : L’histoire nous entraîne dans le quotidien du lycéen Yu Haruna passionné par la musique et qui emménage à Tokyo avec son père et ses 3 soeurs. He follows her eyes and sees that she seems to be looking at their good-looking classmate, Mikasa. Afin de regarder My Hero Academia 4 VOSTFR (Saison 2), il n'y a pas plus facile, il vous suffit juste de cliquer sur le bouton "play" du lecteur. This is what I suspect. Therefore, the fans are already waiting for the official release date of the second part. Accro aux réseaux sociaux, et plus particulièrement à Twitter, il vit tout cela avec un certain détachement jusqu'à sa rencontre avec Fûka Akitsuki, fille d'athlètes japonais et grande passionnée de musique. Jurnal Otaku Indonesia adalah sebuah media yang membahas berita-berita yang berkaitan dengan Jepang, baik itu culture maupun pop-culture, mulai dari yang unik, aneh hingga yang luar biasa penting. Sujet Commencé par Statistiques Dernier message; Fuuka. Fuuka – Saison 1 Épisode 2. Hornets_ 2 réponses . My reaction after finishing its 12 dreadful episodes is one of repulsion, disgust, and pure anger. (はばたけ! Expected premiere dates – when will be new seasons tv-shows and movies? This beautiful cheerful girl Haruna complete opposite. Stream subbed and dubbed episodes of Fuuka online - legal and free, due to our partnerships with the industry. Anyway, we are waiting for the official news. Les dejo un breve resumen sobre el capítulo 1 de la temporada 1 de Fuuka llamado Fuuka... Yuu es un joven que se ha trasladado a … Regarder Diamond no Ace - Saison 2 Episode 25 VOSTFR en Streaming HD Gratuitement avec ADKami. The first season of Fuuka has got a lot of audience and fan following, this is the reason the rumors are coming up with brand new Fuuka season 2. Band. OAV. Habatake! , When i once read about fuuka’s death…i throw my phone to walls(and got cracked)…the story give me much hope then it crush those hopes like nothing…i cried tho…when the one with the characteristics and appearance(like 98% the same like the old fuuka)I was like “no way,this aint happening”..(i read that chapter many times to make sure it is for real)….I really hope that the girl is fuuka with amnesia…but on the same time i started to ship yuu and aoi, I give all of you a warning who wants to watch this anime because it seems no one else is going to give you a warning here do not watch this anime if you want to watch an anime that gives you a good time or good feeling , I despise this anime story line and when you see for yourself and you think ( no It cannot happen i can not believe this Nooooooo ) than you will remember this comment that warned you not to watch this anime . Provided by . Top! This is a list of episodes for the Fuuka anime series, based on the Fuuka manga series. But personally, after reading some of Seo’s other work (Suzuka, Kimi no Iru Machi Fuuka and Half-Half) it is safe to say that he thought of this BEFORE that fateful moment. When creating the series, he was helped by Aoi Akashiro and Koji Seo, professional screenwriters. Yuu spots Fuuka in the hall and is about to talk to her, but then he notices she's crying. is the second episode of the Fuuka anime series. Episode 11. After that, he was already two girls. They are producers responsible for the promoting of the story and presenting the following season air date. Fuuka: A c'est trop bien hihi ! Ketika ia bermaksud keluar untuk membeli makanan, Yuu bertemu dengan Akitsuki Fuuka, gadis misterius yang tiba-tiba membanting handphone milik Yuu karena dikira ia mengambil foto celana dalamnya. A very unusual and fascinating series was launched at the very beginning of this year not on one television channel, but on several networks. Real fans of Fuuka remember that it was January 6, 2017 when new season was presented. Habatake!) Native… Read More » Of course, in the worst-case scenario, anime … Trailers, promos and reviews of your favorite TV shows. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); 2017 © - Expected release dates, Air date cartoons, films, TV series and anime, Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon season 2, Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei (The Irregular at Magic High School) season 2. It sits a little on the internet and mostly spending time outdoors. Soma Saito, whose character is Makoto Mikasa; Mikako Komatsu, presenting Sara Iwami, and others. Il n'y a … Synopsis: Yuuu Haruna vient d’emménager en ville et adore utiliser Twitter. If Seo tops this, and i hope he does, then this will be the best written story i have ever seen in my opinion. The guy has a girl he had known since childhood. Learn release dates TV series, films and anime. En route pour acheter le dîner, il rencontre une fille mystérieuse, Fuuuka Akitsuki, qui casse son téléphone en pensant qu’il … Your email address will not be published. Blown Up! Behind the line of sight was the appearance of a classmate's handsome Mikasa. Looking for episode specific information Fuuka on episode 2? Vue d’ensemble: Yuu ends up on pool-cleaning duty with fellow classmates Fuuka and Mikasa, who seem like more than just friends. Vidéo sur tous les perso ... Les épisode (saison 1-2), les OAV, les openings et les endings. Donc, je peux dire que Fuuka est un bon anime avec des bonnes qualités: ses sublimes musiques, ses beaux graphismes, sa romance, et la fin. If you look at the reviews and assessments – fans of anime liked the first part of anime. Voir anime Diamond no Ace - Saison 2 Episode 25 VOSTFR avec ADKami. 897 vues. Episode 4. Release date anime series Fuuka Season 2 scheduled, premiere of the new series will be held – Autumn of 2019. Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri Season 3. One of Us! They are looking forward to knowing the latest updates and new regarding Fuuka 2. Koyuki Hinashi. Stay tuned to be aware of the schedule and find out some useful details of an upcoming part two. watch this anime only if you like dramatic dramas like really sad ones. L'anime est vraiment intéressant, je ne connais pas le manga, mais d'après l'épisode 1, ça annonce que du positif. 2 278: Nombre total de visionnements : 7 111: Espace occupé par la fiche sur le serveur : 5 740 Mo (0.02%) Fuuka dans le forum. In chapter 15 I guess Fuuka was saying she had a sister. But one day an unknown girl accidentally smashes his phone, and now Yuu has to start a new, completely different life. They are producers responsible for the promotin… Le plus dommage sont les clichés. The emergence Fuuki changed the lives of Haruna. Et hop! We will update this page as soon as we get any confirmation. If the creators will take this into account, the first season won’t be the last one. More into Twitter than the world around him, he crashes into the mysteriously charming Fuuka Akitsuki and the tune of misunderstanding rings sharply between them. Fuuka is a sequel to the 2004 manga Suzuka. Note mise — / 10. はばたけ! Season 2 Season 1 7 Episodes Episodes Load more. Pertemuan itu merupakan awal dari perubahan kehidupan Yuu. Fate. 2: 10: Little Witch Academia: 25: Kuzu no Honkai: 12: Saison Printemps 2017. Chapter 74 actually gave me tears and I have never ever cried after reading any manga chapter (usually because I spoiled myself before I ever read it). We never got to know her name or anything else of her. Haruna recently moved to a new school. The first season premiere was accepted with interest by the audience, which is already waiting for the coming of season two, so one the main question of the show’s fans is as follows: when will Fuuka season 2 be presented with a renewed story? But the public will find here many funny events and an interesting story, which is not similar to other cartoons of this genre. The estimated date for the release of the Fuuka Season 2 is January 2018, plus or minus a couple of months. The girl in angry feelings ran up to the boy and broke his smartphone. For example, story wise I felt the anime made the right decision of the way Yuu came to help Fuuka come to a decision about what she wanted to do. In this project there is no special morality, powerful battle scenes and other things, which are often revealed in series in the genre of anime. One night, on his way to buy dinner, he stops to take a photo to upload to Twitter. Here he learns the news, deals, hangs in the social networks, mainly Twitter. OAV 1 OAV 2 (pas de sous titrés) When introverted Yuu Haruna transfers to a school in Tokyo, his dull life takes a sharp turn. But Seo sensei, I feel is going the right direction in terms of the story after reading the most recent chapter, even though I never felt that feeling I had since Chapter 74. Fair wind. L'anime Fuuka est une adptation du manga de Seo Kouji, il nous raconte l'histoire de Yu Haruna un lycéen qui vient de déménager avec sa famille à Tokyo. He is very fond of such a social network as Twitter, and can not imagine his life without his phone. There are also the other authors who are also worth mentioning. Download “Fuuka 2” Subtitle Indonesia Sinopsis Fuuka 2 Haruna Yuu adalah seorang remaja yang baru saja pindah ke kota. Épisode 2. Ikuti berita terbaru seri fuuka. Episode 3. Une nouvelle saison de prévue pour Haikyu ! The characters of Fuuku speak the voices that belong to the following actors: The second season release date is yet to be announced, and there hasn’t been any finale news concerning the chances for renewal. Fuuka is one of the most forced drama series I have ever seen and it was a painfully generic and cliched show to watch. In any case, if the renewal happens, we won't see Season 2 of Fuuka earlier than in 2019. Affiche Anime Épisodes; Fuuka: 12: Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! Watch Fuuka Online. Episode 7. Yuu spots Fuuka in the hall and is about to talk to her, but then he notices she`s crying. Episodes Episode 1 - Fuuka!, Episode 2 - Take Flight!, Episode 3 - Triangle!, Episode 4 - Live!, Episode 5 - One of Us!, Episode 6 - Koyuki Hinashi, Episode 7 - Blown Up!, Episode 8 - Top!, Episode 9 - Date!, Episode 10 - Fate, Episode 11 - Band, Episode 12 - Fair wind He follows her eyes and sees that she seems to be looking at their good-looking classmate, Mikasa. There was their acquaintance in a completely ridiculous situation. Episode 5. We will see before this Arc finishes. Episode 10. Search Powered by Similar shows EastEnders 1985 Drama 4.7 Grey's Anatomy TV-14 2005 Drama 7.6 Doctors 2000 Drama 4.8 Criminal Minds It made me love the band even more. C’est sur le site officiel que nous découvrons la promotion vidéo de l’anime, Fuuka! Fuuka suspected that Yu wants to remove her underwear. The story follows Yuu Haruna, a loner and an avid Twitter user that made a promise with his childhood friend Koyuki Hinashi of starting a band. Follow the news on our Release Date Hub! People are looking desperately to get a gimps of the new anime series. Suits Season 8 34386. When creating the series, he was helped by Aoi Akashiro and Koji Seo, professional screenwriters. Un nouvel épisode de My Hero Academia VOSTFR (Boku no Hero Academia) qui est désormais disponible gratuitement en Streaming HD! Episode 9. Chapter 74 is for now the best chapter I’ve read so far. I cant wait for season 2 of the wise man’s Grandchild season 1 of the wise man’s Grandchild was more then i could hope for when i started watching now i have waited and i will continue to wait for the next season so could you at some point soon release a date so we can watch in suspense ... Fuuka Season 2 38455. Released anime series Fuuka season 2 scheduled, premiere of the new series will be held - April 2018. These people are such as: The company which will definitely announce when season two will air is Diomedea. Fuuka is one of the worst excuses for media-entertainment that I've ever seen and this is no exaggeration. Opening - Ending. But, once again, the odds are low. I’m really excited to read what happens next. He carries with him all the time. By the moment not all of 12 episodes have been introduced, but the public is still worrying about the number of those ones which remained. Amen to that. Par : Shaft . It has become a famous singer. Watch Fuuka episode 2 Online Take Flight! Then everything became clear, and they became friends. The smartphone is real life for Yu. Ajin Saison 2: 13: Kubikiri Cycle: Aoiro Savant to Zaregototsukai: 8: Strike the Blood II: 8: Saison Hiver 2017. Take Flight! There are also the other authors who are also worth mentioning. Episode 8. 7.9/10 is the rating of the series on IMDB, and this is a high figure.