Kite lagoon – city of Lagos is known to everyone as the only place in Algarve for safe training and kitesurfing.Shallow, smooth and relatively warm water, best place to learn kitesurfing. During the summer season, many of the spots (for example, Costa Caparica) have much more easy going conditions than that of the winter. The Vila Gale Lagos was not really our type of hotel, far too big, busy etc. Accommodation Portugal kitesurfing holiday. Apart from having the most reliable wind in all of Portugal, the next best thing about Praia do Guincho is the fact that it’s only half an hour away from Lisbon (by train or by car)- perfect for those looking to squeeze in a wave kite session during a quick city break, or those who value ease of access (and a short travel time) to the airport. This is undoubtedly one of Europe’s hottest summer wave spots. 2 jours plutôt j'ai loué difficilement à guincho 75€ et avec la grimace. If you really want to become a kitesurfer, this package is the perfect deal for you. LOCATION: Praia do Cabedelo, Portugal Salary not listed With a privileged location in the Cabedelo Beach, in Viana do Castelo, the FeelViana Hotel is looking for instructors of Windsurf or/and Kitesurf (teach booth is an asset) for the season of 2019, from May to … With over 10 years riding, teaching and worldwide traveling experience, we have found an epic kiteboarding location in Europe. The hotel was clean and the food average. Le spot est très safe avec un petit passage de vagues. After your surf session you can head down to N’Aldeia restaurant, a lovely restaurant by the beach which serves locally-sourced seafood and home-grown Portuguese wines. Thanks to it’s long, snaking coastline that covers a whopping 1,794 kilometers, there are absolutely tons of awesome kitesurfing spots in Portugal. Wake up the right way and go for a surf in the mornings before learning how to master the kite in the afternoon. To make this deal complete, we added a 25% discount on the kitesurf lessons included in this package. Guincho beach (35min drive from Lisbon city center): We teach people how to kitesurf in Algarvean lagoon since 2008. Wind type: Thermal, Nortada, best when it blows from the North/Northwest. 60+ Destinations. , where you’ll get to experience a solid mix of surf, SUP, kitesurfing, and yoga in a chilled (but also super fun) setting. Ici ils sont très sympa. A well-renowned mecca for surfing, this charming city is dripping with endless summer vibes and is a must-see destination for anyone looking to sample delicious local dishes, savor home-grown wines, and enjoy a mix of urban and beach adventure. For the sake of clarity- and to give you as complete of an overview as possible- this article is going to go through Portugal’s best kite spots by region: Northern Portugal, near Lisbon (each of the spots listed are within an hour and a half’s drive of the city), and the Algarve (south). Esposende is a dream location for anyone who wants an active holiday in beautiful surroundings. The Kitesurf spot in front of our ION CLUB Center at Valdevaqueros is for sure one of the most famous and well known spots for kitesurfing around the world. Just south of the iconic Viana do Castelo, Esposende is a perfect example of what kitesurfing in Portugal is all about (diversity!). As Portugal’s largest lagoon, Obidos is ideal for kitesurfing year-round. Best time to kitesurf in Portugal: May to October. But perfect location for the kitesurf school. The following information is designed to give you a quick briefing on the best spots you can choose from to learn to kitesurf in Lisbon and its surrounding areas. This area is part of the Ria Formosa and one of the seven natural wonders of Portugal. Water conditions: mainly waves, but you can find flat water spots and lagoons too. Kitesurf Eolis: Beautiful location, Fantastic instructors and Great fun! Flamingo's House is located right in the Kitesurf Spot, just 10 metres from the water. XTreme Video 341,883 views. Unrivalled Service, Expert Advice. The Algarve region is touted for its stunning craggy coastline, its rugged cliff faces that hang over the azure waters below, its gorgeous white washed villas, and its incredibly peaceful countryside. The Best KiteSurf School Located in Algarve. , featuring a sweet-as mix of kite, surf, and SUP, as well as lessons, gear rental, and accommodation. Kitesurf vacations are filled with action, fun and comfort. PRIVATE KITESURF LESSONS - SEMI-PRIVATE KITESURF LESSONS - KITESURF CAMPS - KITESURF TRIPS - OZONE KITESURF SHOP - TANDEM, AULAS DE KITESURF PRIVADAS - AULAS DE KITESURF SEMI-PRIVADAS - KITESURF CAMP - VIAGENS - LOJA - TANDEM, PRIVATER KITESURFING-UNTERRICHT - HALB-PRIVATER KITESURFING-UNTERRICHT - KITESURF CAMPS - REISEN UND AUSFLÜGE - OZONE KITESURF SHOP - TANDEM, LEÇONS PRIVÉES - LEÇONS SEMI-PRIVÉES - CAMPS DE KITESURF - VOYAGES - OZONE KITESURF SHOP - TANDEM, +351 912 757 940 /, Bairro 25 lote 8, 2510-662 Vau-Óbidos, Portugal, Kite Control Portugal, 2020 © All Rights Reserved. N1. Esposende is a great location for adventurous travelers seeking outdoor activities in a relaxing environment, nested by the Atlantic shore and surrounded by nature. Since 2006, we are one of the longest running Kitesurf Schools in Portugal and since then we also offer surf lessons and windsurf courses at the Algarve. Kitesurf Holidays with the Experts at Planet Kitesurf. Due to the waist-deep waters we don’t have any need to keep you on the beach, and we start the very first lesson of your kitesurfing course in the water. That said, Obidos isn’t just for newbies; it’s also favoured by wake style riders looking for the perfect spot to train up on their new tricks. + Relaxed & social Kitecamp in Portugal with Kite, Surf, Sup & daily Yoga + 6 luxury rooms for a perfect mix of privacy and family atmosphere + The perfect location to combine Kitesurfing, Surfing & SUP + Just in the middle: Buzzing Lagos and secluded nature places + Beach in 700m walking distance from the kitesurf … Before we start teaching kitesurf, we have carefully chosen the place in which we will train.Having traveled around Portugal, we found the ideal place for kitesurfing, which is located on the south-western coast of the Algarve, between the villages of Lagos and Alvor.It is a large shallow lagoon with perfectly clean and smooth sea water. Learn to kitesurf on this 7-day kitesurfing course in Portugal. Before coming to Algarve kitesurf’s location, we all went through a professional sports school. Whether you are a beginner or already an experience rider, Solid kitesurfing school in Portugal brings You to the new, one of the most stunning kiteboarding destination in Europe — Obidos lagoon. Location. This is definitely the place to go for those who know how to carve up good swell! Perhaps more well known to kitesurfing enthusiasts, however, is nearby Obidos Lagoon. Wetsuit recommendation: During the warm summer months, a shorty will be more than enough to keep you comfortable. As Portugal’s largest lagoon, Obidos is ideal for kitesurfing year-round. This is a priceless commodity when looking to learn how to kitesurf, particularly if you are looking for the best kitesurfing spots for beginners in Europe. As a novice to kitesurfing holidays, I thought the school was very good. Not only is there plenty of space, an essential factor when learning for the first time, but the flat waters also provide the perfect opportunity to master more difficult aspects of kitesurfing such as relaunching your kite, upwind riding & jumping.We are also situated only a 5 minute drive away from Praia Rei Cortico, an epic surf spot known only to the locals. We also provide boat assistance to those who need it and each student is reminded that as part of our package they are covered under our insurance. Voted Europe’s Leading City Break Destination three times over the last eight years, it is self-evident the historic legacy & buzzing atmosphere of Lisbon have made it one of Europe’s most vibrant capital cities, just a short drive from some of the best kitesurfing and surfing beaches on the Portuguese coastline. We are good friends of the owners and friendly staff who are always happy to welcome our students with open arms and a cold beer or chilled glass of wine. Average water temperature: During the summer months the water temperature hangs around a balmy 22-24 degrees, but during the winter months you can cut that in half. Update your knowledge and skills with related articles. The wind is most of the time cross onshore which makes this lagoon very safe for inexperienced kitesurfers. Your Algarve Adventure is just beginning That said, Obidos isn’t just for newbies; it’s also favoured by wake style riders looking for the perfect spot to train up on their new tricks. The spacious beach is sheltered from the waves by a big pier, which creates a gentle flat(ish) water area to play around in. By using our website you consent to all cookies in accordance with our, Thanks to it’s long, snaking coastline that covers a whopping 1,794 kilometers, there are absolutely. The depth in the training zone is 0.5-1 m. POLITIQUE DE RÉSERVATION ET D'ANNULATION. One of the best ways to experience this iconic part of Portugal is to hook up with an authentic Algarve kite camp, where you’ll get to experience a solid mix of surf, SUP, kitesurfing, and yoga in a chilled (but also super fun) setting. Strong gusty winds swing between west-north-west and north-westerly (cross-on to cross-shore) and gradually increase throughout the day. The predominant wind is cross-shore north-west and will most of the time blow late afternoon for 2 to 3 hours. The most important factors you need to take into consideration when searching for a kitesurfing school in Lisbon include the space available in which to learn, the competing crowds, favorable wind conditions and flat, shallow water. From the legendary wall of water at Nazare to the dreamlike flat water lagoons in Alvor, Portugal is one of those rare places that truly does have it all. The famous Levante wind blows side, to side offshore through the bay, while Poniente is side onshore from the right. The Obidos lagoon is the biggest saltwater lagoon of Europe and therefore the safest kitesurf spot to teach and learn kitesurfing. However, there is rarely much water in summer and it gets very tight with so many swimmers. Manawa Kitesurf Camp is located in Charneca da Caparica, only 15 minutes south of Lisbon. Things to do Book. Welcome to Algarve Watersport, the friendly kitesurf camp & surf school. This lagoon, with standing-depth water in many parts, offers plenty of space out of season, therefore an amazing playground for beginners and freestylers due to its flat water.